Friday, March 9, 2007

Vaccine Injury and Death: Know Your Rights to Recover

You are in the right place if:
  • You or someone you love has been injured by a vaccine
  • Someone in your family has been killed by a vaccine
  • You have a friend, or know of someone who has been injured or killed by a vaccine and you need informaiton about how they can get help

Did you know that people injured by vaccines have rights under a federal statute to recover for injury or death? I can help you, your loved one, or friend, get any recovery to which you or they are entitled under federal law.

There can be adverse reactions to vaccines that sometimes result in serious injury or death. I am admitted to practice in the 'vaccine court' -- a special division of the United States Court of Federal Claims called the "Office of Special Masters." I have the experience in handling medical and forensic issues necessary to represent any vaccine-injury victim.

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